Platinum Selling Will Make You Rich

Platinum is the most precious of metals. Therefore, platinum selling is an important decision which should not be taken lightly. Besides, when you finally make the decision to sell, you should not just sell to just anyone but only to a trustworthy dealer like My Gold Buyer, in San Bruno, CA.

What is Platinum and Why is It so Special?

Unlike gold, platinum is used in jewelry in its almost pure form (approximately 95% pure). Platinum is long wearing and very white. Because of the latter, it does have to be plated with rhodium, like gold. Platinum is a metal very dense and heavy. For all these reasons, platinum is about twice as expensive as gold. Platinum is a choice of prestige, often made by the rich, famous, and sophisticated. Because it is so expensive, it is not used for the full range of jewelry pieces – earrings, pendants, bracelets, or necklaces, but is only used in engagement and wedding rings.

Why Part with Your Platinum?

We understand that if you own something so valuable, you may find it hard to part with it. However, there are various circumstances in life, and you never know when you will actually have to part with your platinum engagement ring to earn some badly needed cash. We, at My Gold Buyer, are sympathetic and will not try to offer you a lower than the realistic price for your precious item.

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